In 2021, Zion climbed two spots on the list of most-visited national parks in the U.S., as more than 5 million visitors made their way to the park. But despite the high number of visitors to the region, it’s still possible to enjoy an incredible, tranquil visit to Zion and Springdale, Utah—as long as you know a few well-kept secrets. And that starts with choosing resorts near Zion National Park.

Staying close to the action is important. It means getting to the park early, avoiding parking struggles, the ability to stay late, and more. It also means easy access to Springdale, a quirky town that is an attraction all it’s own.

Keep reading to learn more about choosing your Zion lodging, and how to make the most of your visit.

The Perks of Staying at Resorts Near Zion National Park

Whether you’re planning to do a lot of hiking in the park or are looking for a more laid-back getaway, the benefits of staying at resorts near Zion National Park are something every traveler can enjoy. Let’s take a look at a few of the perks you should know when choosing between different Zion hotels.

No Worrying About Parking or Dealing With Traffic

The popularity of Zion, coupled with the park’s narrow lower canyon, where many of the most-visited trails and overlooks are located, has led to one big challenge; a lack of parking. 

The lower canyon offers limited parking spaces at trailheads, overlooks, and the Zion Lodge. When spots would fill, guests would often park outside of designated areas. This threatens plant and animal life, and can block the flow of traffic. To prevent this, and allow more guests to enjoy the lower canyon during the park’s busy season, the National Park Service started the Zion National Park transportation system

First launched in May of 2000, this system features two shuttle loops; one within the park and one in Springdale. While the Zion shuttle system has helped to alleviate traffic and parking woes within the park, it still requires guests to get to a shuttle stop. If you aren’t staying at local Zion hotels, you’ll need to arrive extra early to get a parking space at one of the public lots in Springdale. 

This isn’t the case when you stay at resorts near Zion National Park, like Flannigan’s Inn. Thanks to the Springdale Shuttle system, guests of area hotels can walk to a shuttle stop, and ride straight to the entrance to the park. From there, you can ride the Zion Canyon Shuttle into the lower canyon. No worrying about fighting traffic or finding a parking spot!

While there are nine shuttle stops on the Springdale Shuttle loop, depending on where you are staying, you could have a lengthy walk to a stop—but not at Flanigan’s Inn! With a shuttle stop on-site, guests can roll out of bed and walk straight to the shuttle each morning, reducing the time it takes to get to and from the park.

Get to the Park Early and Stay Late

Even with the help of the shuttle system, popular trailheads and overlooks still often see crowds and lines during the busiest travel times. Having the ability to get to the park early is a great way to beat these crowds, and enjoy a relaxing hike on even some of the most popular trails.

When crowd levels reach their peak in the middle of the day, guests staying at resorts near Zion National Park have a couple of options. You could head to some less popular trails. Or, you could hop on the shuttle and head back to your hotel for an afternoon break. Take a nap, enjoy a dip in the pool or a relaxing walk around the grounds, or grab lunch at a nearby restaurant. Then, you can easily head back to the park for an evening hike when many guests will be leaving for the day. This is a great way to make the most of your time, without getting caught in crowds of other visitors.

Walk to Restaurants, Shopping, and More

The chance to avoid fighting traffic continues after your park visit, too. When you stay at Flanigan’s Inn, you’re not only close to the entrance to Zion, but to some of Springdale’s top restaurants, shopping, and other attractions as well.

Right on-site, plan to enjoy dinner at our own restaurant, Spotted Dog. This casual spot specializes in handcrafted dishes made from fresh, locally-sourced produce. Grab a quick buffet-style breakfast before you head to the park, or plan a gourmet, sit-down dinner after a long day of hiking and exploring. Don’t forget to check out the wine list—our 2,000 bottle capacity wine cellar means that we offer over 400 selections to choose from!

Enjoy Incredible Views of Zion

One of the lesser-known perks of staying close to the park is the chance to enjoy incredible views of Zion, right from your hotel. At Flanigan’s Inn, sip your morning coffee from your balcony while enjoying views of Zion’s peaks, or relax on your private terrace in the evenings beneath an incredible display of stars!

Choosing the Best Zion Lodging

Staying at resorts near Zion National Park can help you to make the most of your visit, regardless of when you travel to Southern Utah. Even during peak travel times, staying close to the action can help you to beat the crowds, avoid traffic and parking troubles, and get more time in the park—not to mention enjoy easy access to the many attractions Springdale has to offer!

Flanigan’s Inn is located less than a mile from the South Entrance to Zion National Park, with it’s very own on-site shuttle stop. But this popular Zion lodging option offers far more than just easy access to the park. 

From spacious suites and private villas to our beautiful pool, which offers views of Zion’s peaks while you cool off, to our gourmet on-site restaurant, we offer guests the perfect luxury basecamp for their Zion adventure. Book your stay today, and see the difference it makes to stay in the heart of the action!

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